Boxer Briefs

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Includes Commercial License


  • Optimized low poly count at 1,752 Triangles
  • 1 Material
  • 4K textures
  • 21 Texture Variants
  • Rigging and weighted for Zinpia's Ethan Base (will need to adjust weight and mesh to fit other bases)
  • PBR Texture Maps
  • Detail baked into main color map
  • Christmas, Halloween, and Valentines themed variants

--What's Included-- 

Zip Package containing: 

  • 1 - Unity Package with textures and material pre-setup for Poiyomi Toon shader 7.3.046
  • 39 4k Texture Files: Normals, DirectX Normals for Unreal Engine uses, Metallic, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion, Specular Map, Thickness, Worldspace Normal, 21 Color Maps
  • 1 - FBX file
  • 1 - Blend file


You may edit this model and its textures freely as the purchaser.

Do not redistribute this asset, the only exception for redistribution is if it is an accessory for an avatar commission or paid avatar package. It may not be given out on free packages or packages cheaper than the asset itself without special permission. 

Model may be used commercially.

Support for setting it up specifically for your intended use case is not included. Please understand ahead of time how to setup this item in unity/blender or for other use cases before buying.

If issues with it are found let me know in my Discord.

I am not responsible for any damage, loss, or any disadvantage that may occur from this model or its data.

If this item is used for a commercial product credit me

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4k PNG Files
.Blend File
Unity Material
FBX File
564 MB
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Boxer Briefs

53 ratings
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